Naturpass Frankfurt: A pass for family Spaß

A year of visiting the Senckenberg museum , Palmengarten and zoo  in Frankfurt as many times as you like for one set price

If I find I have a long afternoon  ahead of me with a very energetic toddler I tend to make a run for one of these 3 places .
These places have saved me from insanity on several occasions as they allow a buggy hating toddler the freedom to run around whatever the weather.

For €90  you can get a years unlimited entrance to the zoo, Palmengarten & Senckenberg museum.
Unfortunately its not a family card but under 6’s are free anyway and the Naturpass for 6-14 year old’s costs €40.

No Queuing!!
Queuing in general I hate, but with a toddler OMG its the worst, so one of the big plus points of having this pass is you get to skip the queue at the zoo & the Palmengarten.
The zoo, especially in the summer months and weekends is famed for its really long queues, they literally queue right around the block sometimes!!  There is a separate barrier entrance for Naturpass holders, and I have to admit its a great feeling walking past a huge queue and going straight in.
Unfortunately at the museum you do have to queue as they still need to print you off a ticket, but in all my visits I have only ever had 2 people in front me tops!!!

So how do you get one of these amazing cards?

Simply head to any of the 3 places and ask for a Naturpass. I got mine at the zoo, they whip out a camera and take your photo, ask you for some personal info such as name and address and then print out your pass.

I have had friends who got theirs at the other 2 places but for those you need to take your own passport photo with you & they then give you a temporary card and your real card arrives in the post a few days later, so I would always just head to the zoo to grab mine.




If like me you are a regular visitor to any of these 3 places it is definitely worth it and will save you €€€€

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