Spielplatz Drachenburg

As the sun was shinning we decided to head out to a Spielplatz.
We were going to meet some friends a little later on around the Bethmann Park area so decided to go to Spielplatz Drachenburg which is close by.

Its a fairly large Spielplatz, covered in sand and partially fenced off with plenty of seating for the grownups.

It has one main climbing frame with a big bumpy slide

There is a firemen pole

You can climb up 3 different ways,as well as the above ways there is also a climbing wall which D is currently to small for.

There is a walkway up to the slide which D loves

There is also a smaller slide for the younger children

There are swings

It also has baby swings which a surprising number of play parks here don’t have!
There is also a small sand pit, swinging bars & a seesaw.

After swinging, climbing & sliding D picked a spot under the slide to do some digging in the sand!

 Find Spielplatz Drachenburg at Eschenheimer Anlage directly opposite Eckenheimer landstraße.

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