Duplo & bubbles water play!

Last week I grabbed some Duplo, added water & fairy liquid & provided him with some pouring, scooping & cleaning tools.

He started by scooping up the bubbles and putting them in to the jug.

He loved making bubbles on the surface with the fairy liquid bottle!

He scooped up the blocks using the scoop & put them into the jug

He poured water on them

Feeding time!

He loved swishing his whale through the Duplo

One piece got stuck on the whales fin

This then became a new game, trying to hook the Duplo pieces with the whales fin or tail!

He scooped up all the people!

In he went

We repeated this with some of his friends & they all had a blast.
The fairy liquid does make the floor super slippy so its a good idea to put a towel down on the floor.

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