This week’s play dough fun: Sand dough

This week I made up a batch of sand dough. I used my homemade dough recipe & added 1 cup of sand.

I grabbed some mini flags, his mini sand set & some shells as well as a toy crab to scuttle along the sand!

He stuck the flags into the dough

We got to work making sandcastles


We made sandcastle after sandcastle until all the dough was used up

We have been reading Julia Donaldson’s book ‘Sharing a shell’ a lot recently, the story takes place in a rock pool & is about a crab looking for a shell.
He asked if we could build a rock pool for the toy crab so we got the blue play dough and some stones & he also asked for his foam sea creatures.

I love seeing how is imaginative play is developing

He built a tunnel for the crab

At one point he built a big sand snail which had 6 shells!

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