Playing with toy cars

D is car mad & loves playing with his toy cars on a daily basis.
Playing with something everyday can get a little boring so I am always looking for new ways to play.
Here are some of our favourite ways!

Creating ramps

We have a piece of wood that was originally a shelf in the wardrobe but it wasn’t needed anymore & was just lying around so we now use it as a ramp for his cars.
Sometimes we build towers at the bottom and see if the cars can knock them down!

We have races

Ramps from old wood

We also make ramps using books

 Parking cars 

D loves parking his cars

We make car parking bays from wooden sticks

A cardboard box car park

Toilet tube garage

Learning shapes with cars

I made these really easy shape roads from an old cardboard box.

D loves them!

Drawing with cars

This has become a firm favourite!

Painting with cars

D absolutely loves painting with his cars!

Car wash

The clean up from painting with cars can be as fun as the actual activity!

Cars & playdough

D often goes and gets his cars whilst playing with play dough. We have built roads, bridges, tunnels & he loved it when we hid the cars in the dough.

Building tunnels

D loves a tunnel & is always asking me to build tunnels when we play with his cars.

Our current favourite is made from an old cardboard box!

We also use blocks


play dough

 & books.

I often set out a course made from blocks for D to drive around

He also recently had fun driving his cars on bubble wrap

There are so many fun ways to play with toy cars. Let me know some of your favourites!

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