Water play: Water beads

We were looking for a quick water play activity the other afternoon so I grabbed a big box, filled it with water & added some water beads.

D loves playing with water beads & its something we often add to our water play.

He was busy making cups of coffee

Scooping them up with the net

He was totally absorbed in his play

Feeding his whale

& he’s in

He went & grabbed his boat

He loved stamping through the beads

Water beads have a tendency to block drains so make sure you scoop them all out(with a net this is super quick & easy) before pouring the water away.
I find that if you put them in a container with a little bit of water they can last for another round of sensory fun but then I usually bin them as they start to break & get past their best.

I cant recommend water beads enough, D loves them and they hold his attention & keep him busy for ages. You can get them on amazon for a really good price. We have them in all different colours & I have just ordered some extra big ones to try out!
They are not edible so best avoided with really young children who put everything in their mouths & always supervise  the older ones.

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