Santa small world

D is Santa obsessed so I set up a santa small world for him to play with.

I used some fake snow, a santa house(a DIY kit), silver tinsel and small decorative trees all of which I got in the shop called Action.


I added some pipe cleaner candy canes, his playmobil Santa, reindeer & sleigh, some bells & boxes as pesents.

He was so excited to see this small world when he got home from kita & got playing straight away.

He picked up the snow and sprinkled it everywhere pretending it was snowing

A blury photo but Santa was flying of around the world to deliver presents!

Loading up Santas sleigh with more presents

& they are off again!

Santa was caught in a snow storm

But was soon off with more presents

He filled the boxes up with snow

He played with this for most of the afternoon


Later in the early evening he went back to it but this time removed all the Santa small world things and added his tractor & trailer.

He had another happy hour scooping and transporting the snow around.

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