Contact paper Gingerbread men

This week we used contact paper to create some Gingerbread men

I cut out 4 Gingerbread men and stuck them to a cupboard door, then covered them in contact paper. ( Its much easier if there is two of you to put up the contact paper)

I grabbed some googly eyes, foam shapes, buttons, sequins, pom poms & pipe cleaners.

He got straight to work giving them all eyes


He used buttons as noses as on 2 of them

He even gave 3 of them a nappy!

Occasionally he would stand back and look at what else was needed

One ended up with a flower in her hair and one with a star on top!

D loved this and over the course of the morning kept going back to it.
If we have time I want to to do this again with some different Christmas shapes.

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