Looking ahead to February 2018


Here are some of the fun events coming up in & around Frankfurt in  February 2018!

This month is all about Fasching with many parades, partys and opportunties in & around Frankfurt for dressing your kids up!

Kinder Fassenacht(Abenteuerspielplatz Riederwald)

We have gone with friends to this event for the past 2 years and had a blast. Click here to see all the fun we had last year!
It is hosted by the Abenteuerspielplatz Riederwald  & is held in the Gesellschaftshaus in the Palmengarten.


The Abenteuerspielplatz Riederwald are also having a Rosenmontag fasching party for kids. This is being held  in the  Pestalozzischule im Riederwald Vatterstraße 1.

Fasching parades

On Saturday the 10th February is the kids parade in Wiesbaden. This starts at 3.33pm and is the perfect parade to take junior carnival fans to.

Also taking place on the 10th February is the Kids Fastnachtszug in Frankfurt, starting at 12.11pm at Konstablerwache bring a bag to collect the many sweets which will be thrown!

On Sunday 11th February there are several big fasching parades taking place including the big Frankfurt Fastnachtszug through the city as well as
the big Wiesbadener Fastnachtsumzug

The big Rosenmontag parade takes place in Mainz on Monday 12th february at 11.11am.

On Tuesday 13th february is the Klaa Pariser Fastnachtszug durch Frankfurt-Heddernheim which starts at 14.31pm.


Kinderkostümfest Darmstadt

On Saturday the 10th February is the kids costume fest, taking place at 2pm in the  Otto-Berndt-Halle Darmstadt.
There will be a DJ & different play stations

Kindermaskenball des 1. KCA

On the 12/13th February at 15.11 is a Kids masked ball, with music, dancing, games and yummy food.
This takes place at  Zum Goldenen Löwen,Frankfurter Landstraße 153,64291 Darmstadt.

Zum Fasching gibt’s Berliner(Doughnuts)

Also look out for all the special offers on yummy Doughnuts during Fasching time. The bakeries are piled high with tempting looking Doughnuts and some sell cute little Fasching Männer!
Last year we had some really tasty ones at the cafe Weidenweber on the Zeil.


In Need of a fasching costume?

Check out the the fasching departments in Karstadt & Galleria Kauhoff.

Head to Deiters a huge fancy dress store at Konstablerwache.

If you fancy venturing out of the inner city a bit, head over to the store called
Der Karnevalswierts Frankfurt which is located by the Hessen centre.

The opening party of the Junges Museum

The Kinder museum closed in January and is being reopened  February 17th with a new name “Junges Museum” (Young Museum), at the Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Saalhof 1.
They are holding a family festival on the 17th/18th february with free entry.





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