This weeks Play dough fun: Dinosaur dough

This week we did two types of dinosaur play dough

D went with his grandad to the dinosaur museum this week & came back & asked to make some dinosaur footprints, so we grabbed some play dough & some of his toy dinosaurs & off he went.

He flattened a ball of play dough for each dinosaur & walked each one over it

We talked about the shape & size of the footprints

He then made imprints of the dinosaurs

Using all parts of the dinosaurs.

He then covered a playmobil base in the dough & walked the Dinosaurs over it.


For our second dinosaur play dough fun this week we made Dinosaurs

I literally raided our craft box and put a really mixed bunch of materials out for him.

We made triceratops using the bun cases

Then off he went & made lots of other dinosaurs

Including a colourful T-Rex

I love sitting with him & watching what he comes up

Like this Dinosaur made from pressing the loose parts into the dough!

I really loved how his dinosaurs turned out!


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