All about me



I’m Joanna a stay at home mum to a 2 year old little boy
I moved from the UK to Frankfurt Am Main in Germany 5 years ago to marry my German husband & have been here ever since.

When I first moved to Frankfurt I settled in and adjusted to expat life well as a young adult and then along came my son! Being a first time mum is a big overwhelming life change, even more so doing it in a country not your own,I had no idea you needed to find your own midwife before giving birth, I had no idea which U-Bahn stations were buggy accessible,where I could go to get baby products, which cafes or restaurants were child friendly or where to go to meet other English speaking mums.

This big change meant I needed to re-explore the city through the eyes of a mum.
With the help of the internet and the real world, I started to find places where we could go to have fun, meet other people, enjoy good food and a multitude of other experiences. So now I want to help other English speaking mums new to Frankfurt.

As well as lots of outings & play-dates we spend a big portion of our time doing  crafts & messy play and I spend a lot of my time finding arts & crafts activities to keep my very energetic toddler busy. I look for fun & simple activities which can be set up in seconds but hold little attention spans for much longer.  I’m always on the look out for something new that I can try with D & his friends & will be sharing some of these activities on here.

Through this blog I will be giving people an insight into our life in Frankfurt Am main, through our days out,adventures and arts & crafts. Basically life as an Expat mum in Frankfurt with all the wonderful  opportunities and challenges that living an expat life brings.

Everything I post on this blog has been tried and tested by me and my son. I may mention businesses but none of them have been asked to feature in my blog unless the post says it is a sponsored post. Everything is my own personnel opinion and I hope that it may be of use to you.