Fun Easter activities you can do with a bag of plastic eggs!

As its Easter soon I grabbed a couple bags of coloured plastic eggs
& used them in our activities over the past week.

Water play

I filled up a box with water and added the eggs. I gave D a variety of  items which he could scoop with. I also placed an empty container next to him.

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Messy play for Valentines day!

Its Valentines day tomorrow!
Here in Germany Valentines day is not widely celebrated,although each year I’ve lived here I have noticed more and more valentines merchandise appearing in the shops, but its not even close to on the same scale as back in the UK.

I personally love valentines day & get swept up in the whole commercial side of it much to my husbands annoyance.

This week has been all about valentines day in our house, it has totally taken over our Sensory/messy play times.



A few days ago I went around the house & gathered together a box of things which we could potentially use for Valentine activities & came up with the activities below. They are all super easy, very cheap & require very little prep time.

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