My go to Facebook groups!

This  is a post giving you links to all my go to  Facebook groups that I find useful as an expat mum living in Frankfurt.

Expat babies Frankfurt

This group is a must for any new English speaking mums/mums to be in Frankfurt.
Its an incredibly active group and with so many members its a great source of information. Its a group to ask questions like where can I buy kids shoes , ask for recommendations on all sorts of things including pediatricians, gynecologists, midwives, kindergartens etc and to ask for advice regarding baby sleeping habits, feeding, flying with a young baby etc.
I actually made a couple of friends through this group and got put in touch with 2 playgroups that I used to take D to before he started kita. Continue reading “My go to Facebook groups!”

Frankfurt’s SalzheilGrotte: An afternoon of salt play to clear the airways!


During winter I am always looking for indoor places to take D to in the afternoons.  On Facebook I came across information about the Salzheilgrotte Frankfurt and saw that it had a salt spiel room for children. So the next day we grabbed some white socks & headed there with some friends to take a look.

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Naturpass Frankfurt: A pass for family Spaß

A year of visiting the Senckenberg museum , Palmengarten and zoo  in Frankfurt as many times as you like for one set price

If I find I have a long afternoon  ahead of me with a very energetic toddler I tend to make a run for one of these 3 places .
These places have saved me from insanity on several occasions as they allow a buggy hating toddler the freedom to run around whatever the weather.

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