Modellbahn fun in Odenwald!

Today we decided to head out of Frankfurt  with some friends & as both our boys are train mad we decided to head to the Modelbahnwelt Odenwald.

We drove the hours journey whilst the boys had their nap & arrived just in time for lunch. So first stop was the cafe. The cafe served a good selection of food and a great selection of really yummy cakes.

The cafe was super kid friendly, with a table where the boys could draw & play Gruffalo dominoes!

The main entrance is through the cafe & once we were fed & watered off we went to look at the trains! Continue reading “Modellbahn fun in Odenwald!”

Fasching events in & around Frankfurt 2017

Fasching is Germany’s carnival season, it starts on the 11th day of November at exactly 11 minutes after 11am and ends at the stroke of midnight on shrove Tuesday.
Fasching is a very big deal in Germany and particularly around this region. Costume parties for both adults & children are very popular along with parades. The most famous parades take place in Koln, Mainz and Düsseldorf.

Below are just some of the many Fasching events coming up in & around Frankfurt Continue reading “Fasching events in & around Frankfurt 2017”

Naturpass Frankfurt: A pass for family Spaß

A year of visiting the Senckenberg museum , Palmengarten and zoo  in Frankfurt as many times as you like for one set price

If I find I have a long afternoon  ahead of me with a very energetic toddler I tend to make a run for one of these 3 places .
These places have saved me from insanity on several occasions as they allow a buggy hating toddler the freedom to run around whatever the weather.

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